The Gypsy-Jazz Guitar Active Pickup

Biggertone is the gypsy jazz guitar pickup active big tone bigtone pickup for selmer maccaferri django style jazz guitar with piëzo element and onboard pre amp  micro chevalet pour guitare acoustique jazz manouche


Every gigging Selmer style guitar player knows the difficulties of amplifying the acoustic sound of this

instrument. If  you perform on stages with a technical crew that knows how to deal with

close miking your sound will be great.

Otherwise, as a musician playing in pubs and small venues you have to take care of amplification

yourself  and  maybe your sound is not really satisfying .

Most players use a passive bigtone pickup plugged into a combo or monitor amplifier, ending up with a bad sound that is thin and harsch.

if you are looking for a plug & play solution to catch the natural  acoustic sound ,

Then the Biggertone is what you need !

The Biggertone is an active bigtone pickup for Selmer style Oval-Hole & D-Hole guitars:

-delivering a realistic tonal spectrum with a usefull output without “pushing” the sound.

-perfect string-to-string balance without feedback, even at higher volume .

-it can be connected to almost any type of acoustic or electric amp, recording desk or PA system.

-installation is easy and only demands a good study of the included detailed manual.

Biggertone pickups  are handmade of quality components and individually tested .

They are the result of a long time  research with the best bigtone-performance possible today.

There are 2 standard  bridge heights available : 19mm - 22mm

Other heights can be made on simple request !

The Biggertone Pickup is proudly recommended by JWC-guitars Ltd  and offered as an option to

their excellent guitar-range


don’t mind the playing on this demo :)  only listen to the natural sound and then halfway the amplified sound without studio modification. the demo is recorded with the built-in mic of an i-mac.